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    Craft shows: It’s kinda like the travelling circus, but without all the glamour

    April 8, 2008

    Dude.  The Bizarre Bazaar this past weekend.  What can I say?  Not even one remotely bizarre thing in the whole place.  270 booths of sweetness and goodness.  Make that 269 booths of sweetness and goodness. 

    There was a little feistiness.  Besides the fact that 75% of my sales were maternity shirts.  No, I did not drink the water when I was in Richmond.  You southern girls are fun.  You girls, you know who you are….  Nothing like bonding over a little half-assed parenting and a small dose of inappropriate conversation.  And Beergirl?  Came on Friday and wore the brand new MNAC robe for a large portion of the afternoon.  Once she got it on, she didn’t want to take it off.  You wanna see it?  Here it is.  Martini Robe

    It is by far the most comfortable robe you have ever, ever put on your body.  Not available on the website yet. And I only made 14 of them, so they may never make it to the website.   A bargain at $50.  And did you notice?  No MNAC.  It’s officially a robe for EVERYONE.  WooHOO!!   You’ll have to email me to find out how to get one.  From size small to women’s size XL.  I KNOW.  QUE LINDA!

    The fair thing?  It’s a little odd.  I mean, some guy making soap will clear 5 figures in a weekend.  Don’t get that excited for me.  That didn’t even remotely happen over here.  But it’s cool.  But this is what people do for a living.  As I was packing up, I realized that I reeked of “rookie.”  There I was in the rain, piling up my crates in the back of the truck, cursing my father-in-law under my breath as I watched my fellow exhibitors load up their crap in retro-fitted vans and trailers and trucks.  Cursing my FIL because, when I had the money to buy an SUV, he gave me a come-to-Jesus speech about the greatness of my Volvo. 

    Yeah, you get more than 4 crates into a Volvo.  Thus, The Husband’s truck.  No, I really like to climb up into the back of the truck to push the crates all the way to the back.  And then move everything around 500 times until I figure out how exactly to fit everything in.  That mechanical gene?  That one that, when you see all those different shaped blocks, you fit them together to make a 6 bedroom house with a sauna, spa and indoor pool?  Not so much.  Meanwhile, at 11 minutes after the close of the show, the ladies with the 900 million hair bows on 37 display pieces have done inventory, shrink-wrapped everything, loaded their van and are now smoking a Marlboro before heading out to do a show in West Virginia.  Me?  It took me 1 hour and 47 minutes to decide whether to put the 22 size large shirts into a crate with a blue top or a crate with a black top.  I had 12 crates, people.  This is not rocket science.  I went to law school.  Seriously?

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