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    It looks like I may turn into one of those annoying Weight Watchers people that is constantly informing everyone exactly how many points are in that margarita

    June 14, 2007

    Here we have it, people.  You are witnessing Day #2 of “the-first-diet-Kristen-has-ever-done.”  Except for that pesky 6 year stretch of anorexia in high school and college, but who really considers starvation as a diet? 

    I’ll spare you the weight loss ticker but I’ll let you know that I have 23 pounds to lose.  17 pounds until my “damn-you-look-fine” weight.  23 pounds to my fighting weight.  23 pounds until my “you’d-better-watch-your-husband-cause-he’s-gonna-be-CHECKIN’-ME-OUT” weight.  
    My inspiration is a number of things.  The pictures of my fat ass being plastered over the Internet after Blogher Business, for one.  You people who propogated that cruelty, you know who you are.  There will be no cocktails for you at Blogher next month.

    “But you just had a baby.”  Four months ago.  It’s time to STEP AWAY FROM THE BOX OF PASTA FOR LUNCH every day.

    Remarkably, my scale said I lost 5 pounds since yesterday.  I didn’t know a pound of pasta, pepsi, chocolate and ice cream weighed so much.  Or my shirt and shorts. 

    If you are going to start a diet, I highly recommend figuring out your starting weight just after lunch and weighing yourself for the first time at the crack of dawn the next morning.  After you have peed.  And nursed.  And nursed again. 

    But that’s just me.

    The saddest thing to see go–the 16 point homemade margarita on the rocks that really made me happy. 

    And right now the leg of the chair is looking pretty edible.  I can see this is going to take a period of adjustment.

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