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    Maybe I should have that second piece of cake for breakfast

    October 26, 2006

    Yesterday Nat (the letter carrier) knocked on my door rather loudly and ruined my nap.  Or so I thought until he handed me a package with this card in it.

               Kristen–Thought you might like this outfit for The Boy for Halloween.  Or preschool.  Or churchRuthie was
               my ‘little devil’  but it just didn’t seem to suit Thomas, who is more like an angel.  Or the Marlboro Man.

    With that, I pulled out the mystery surprise to find THIS. 

    Zug, you are the best.

    Ed. note:  To all those who MAY be offended (mom) by the fact that I have now equated my son with the devil and who the hell is this person that would send me such an outfit, I would just like to say that I’m sure Jen meant it in the “Little-Devil-sitting-on-your-shoulder-oh-go-ahead-and-have-another-piece-of-cake-who’s-gonna-notice-you-are-pregnant-for-heaven’s-sake” kind of way rather than the “Supreme-Ruler-Of-Darkness-And-All-Evil-Kind-Of-Way.”  I know that’s what I was thinking….  Really.

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