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    Dora ’08

    January 23, 2008

    It’s gotta be said, Internet.  I’m confused as to why everyone assumes that because a woman is running for president, I’m going to vote for her.  That being said, I’m also confused as to why everyone assumes that this loud-mouthed opinionated woman is liberal.  I guess we can just dispel these two things right now.  I would sooner vote for Dora and I’m not voting blue anytime soon.

    I’m not particularly red either, but I would have to say if I was going to pick a color, I would definitely choose red over blue.  Hands down.  But I’m not really feeling the love of the red these days either.  This being obvious based on the conversation I had with The Boy today.

    TB:  MomMomMomMom.
    K:  Yes.
    TB:  Mom, why does that car have stickers on it? (pointing to the minivan in front of us at the light).
    K:  Well, that car has stickers on it because those people have very controversial political views that they are not afraid to share with the entire world as they drive down the boulevard.
    TB:  MomMomMomMom, why do we no have stickers on our car?
    K:  Because we have very wishy-washy views about politics and we are frightened about people get violent in traffic about views that they do not necessarily have. 
    TB:  What are are politics, Mom?
    K:  Let’s just say your mother can probably say she is the only person in her political party that has never smoked pot and isn’t really for drug legalization and your father brings home his paycheck from a bloated federal agency.  We are the most unlibertarian libertarians in America. 
    TB:  Mom.  We need stickers on our car.

    He’s right.

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