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    August 1, 2008

    This evening I sent out this tweet,

    the boys are silent. Too tired to access the situation. On top of that, hoping @damnhusband reads my mind and brings dinner home.

    As God as my witness, I really do watch my kids. But sometimes I’m really tired. And they are really, really bad children. And I’m a bad mother. I swear, I thought I had confiscated all the toothpaste. Apparently not. Watch as I conduct my interrogation, the instigator dumps TOOTHPASTE on the couch.

    Free prize to the HUNDREDTH person that tells me how dangerous/toxic fluoride is.

    Our winners for the Bloggy Giveaway are Jane, Jenny and Sarah. You all were good sports. Those kids don’t look anything like me. But, based on days like this, it’s obvious they are ALL mine.

    You can still use that blogher08 code for 25% off at Baby Brewing through midnight tonight if you didn’t win!

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