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    It’s like high school, only worser

    July 27, 2006

    So I am leaving for BlogHer tomorrow.  Oh, no, according to my clock, that would be today. 

    I’m leaving for BlogHer today.

    As I have taken a few spare moments to peruse some of the bloggers attending, I have noticed a common theme.

    Pedicures, manicures, new hair styles, new hair colors, new wardrobes.

    I called up my sister, also attending, to discuss this phenomenon.

    K:  It’s like the first day of 10th or 11th grade.
    J:  Oh, yeah.  Hey, I can’t talk long because I’m going to Andry to get my hair cut.
    K:  E tu, Brute?
    J:  Hell yeah.  And I might go shopping after my haircut.

    This is just like high school all over again.  All the cool kids can’t WAIT to be together again after summers in France RIPPED THEM APART, the geeks can’t wait for the math competitions to start because Band Camp just wasn’t enough in the summer and the kids stuck in the middle just hope that THIS YEAR, when the yearbook comes out, the cast-iron BITCHES on Yearbook won’t poke their eyes out in their photo. 

    The A-listers are the cheerleaders (who just can’t WAIT to see one another again and drink cocktails in the lobby bar), the B-listers have all the student government positions and it goes south from there.  Marelle, when she realized that I was going to BlogHer, screeched in a manner that can only be described as deafening and asked me to get a certain A-lister’s autograph for her.  Not only has Marelle forgotten our high school experience, she apparently ignored me for the prior 10 minute conversation.

    Which makes it like High School all over again.  Because I haven’t even found my clean underwear yet and it is T minus 9 hours until takeoff.  So if you are a Blogger going to BlogHer and you don’t fit the alphabet soup, look me up.  I’ll be wearing the “Stay At Home Blogger” t-shirt.  That I just got finished printing up.  I probably should have thrown in a load of laundry first. 

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    Is it just me or is green getting too green?

    May 12, 2006

    Jen:    I got a gig writing an article about vacationing at home.
    K:       That is so lame.  I mean, it’s great that you got the gig, but who the hell wants to vacation at home? You live there all the time. 
    Jen:    You know, it’s for those people that want to refrain from driving their gas-guzzlers that are wrecking the  environment.  For the people that want to put extra money into the pockets of people in their community.
    K:       You mean give money to those people that give you sh#tty service Monday to Friday?  Give money to     those people on the weekends too?
    Jen:    Well if you are going to put it that way. 
    K:       Yeah, I think I’ll stick with Paris.  But good luck with that.   

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