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    The Baby Car and the State Policeman

    July 3, 2008

    clip_image002.jpgclip_image004.jpgSo there I was tooling down Card Sound Road in the Florida Keys, not a soul on the open road, with just water and mangos on both sides and the sun just setting, truly a beautiful night to be driving in a 1976 MGB roadster (top down) when I notice flashing red lights and a state policeman roaring up behind me. I pulled over and got out to greet “the man.”


    “Well I hope you stopped me because you just wanted to see my neat car and not because you thought that I was traveling a bit to fast.”


    He answered back reading my name off my name printed on my baseball hat…Well ,Mr. Hammond it’s more towards the latter but I also do think that you have a pretty neat looking car. Mr. Hammond you were doing 75 in a 55 mph zone. “55 mph zone you got to be kidding”, it must be a error, the baby car wasn’t having any difficulty doing 75…it was just flat purring like a kitten.


    He said,  ‘Mr. Hammond that’s another point…I remember these old cars naturally sounding a bit loud but this one seems much louder.”


    I told him that nature had nothing to do with it, that I took little Betsy here down to Southern Muffler where Leroy had all kinds of sounding mufflers…I think that he called this one “bad ass”. Than I asked him “if this was his car and his muffler how fast would he be driving and would he replace this muffler”. He said that I definitely had a point.


    I shared that I sincerely hoped that he wasn’t going to put a dent in my second childhood and that there is a donut shop at the end of the road and that I further promise not to bring up the fact that technically I pay his salary or ask the question “why aren’t you out catching real criminals”…that I could be back in 10 minutes with some KRISPY KREMES… providing that there aren’t any more cops up the road. He told me to tell them that I was on a coffee run for Bob and to mind their own business.


    After the coffee run I was passing the shopping mall when the light turned red and I had to take my foot off of the gas petal and “bad ass” just rumbled, setting off every car alarm in the shopping malls parking lot and I thought for a minute that maybe…but it was just for a minute.


    Kristen’s Dad

    Mr. Hammond

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