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    Febreze: If only it could get rid of The Dog too

    October 28, 2007

    FebrezeThere may have been an incident with unauthorized/last-minute ceiling painting and there may have been a slight “spill” on the carpet. Technically, the paint stain was 12 x 12. Crap. In order to cover up my paint spill on the floor, I needed to put my area rug down on top of the wall-to-wall.

    K: Babe, have you seen the blue rug? (acting all casual and disinterested on the phone)
    The Husband: (not even realizing deception was afoot) I think it’s down in the basement under the counter.

    I ran downstairs and swung open the door. Eek! So the dog may have made the carpet his bed-away-from-his-bed across the room, and sure, everyone has an accident once in a while, but time had not made this situation better. I panicked. I dragged it upstairs and promptly shampooed it. Clean, but still smelling faintly of dog. Ironically, I had been waiting patiently for my Febreze sample to show up in the mail. The doorbell rang that instant and I’m not going to say I tried to kiss the mail carrier on the lips when he handed me the box which was clearly labeled “Febreze.” I’m just going to say it was a timely arrival. I called up my friend B.

    K: Hey, the Febreze isn’t going to work. Remember that cross-country trip we took that one year with the dog and we had to get The Dog Room at the hotel? The Dog Room smelled like the prior occupant had smoked 7 packs of cigarettes in bed and then gave the dog a shower so that wet dog smell was permanently imprinted in the carpet. We went out and bought two bottles of Febreze and two bottles later it then smelled like fresh smelling cigarette butts and fresh smelling wet dog?
    B: That was like 5 years ago. Febreze had come a long way. If there is hope for de-Zinnifying that rug, Febreze is your best bet.

    I was skeptical when I got that little travel bottle, if I am going to be totally honest here. I needed a gallon of Febreze. Maybe I need to a 55 gallon drum of Febreze. But I took that little bottle and I shot 15 pumps of Febreze over the entire rug.

    All I’m gonna say is that you wouldn’t even know I have a dog. Other than the fact that he has to be surgically removed from your feet if you are having rib eyes for dinner. You know he’s there then. I guess what I am saying is that the dog smell is gone from the rug. Gone from the dog bed after I sprayed it too. Gone from that spot in front of the back door. I sprayed the dog but he still smells like dog. Even Febreze has its limits.

    I tried to talk The Husband into letting me go to the Martini Bar so that I could get see at the end of the night if Febreze could get that oh-so-smoky smell from my nice silk blouse. I thought this was necessary in order to make an accurate review of the product and not even remotely associated with the fact that I want to get away from my family. He said that if we got rid of the dog smell, a cigar would be a piece of cake.

    Damn. It was worth a try.

    Febreze To Go Extra Strength, 2.8 fluid ounces. Fresh, not flowery or overpowering. Gets rid of the dog smell. Next step, getting rid of the dog.

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