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    Thank God I didn’t have to explain why I hate Facebook

    March 23, 2008

    We are in the kitchen yacking about nothin’, and I asked The Cake Lady if she saw my twitter from last night.

    The crowd went silent.

    Pop Pop:  Um, I haven’t seen your twitter.

    You know how you are part of a conversation and you can start to see the conversation go south before your very eyes?

    “Twitter?  Do we have to talk about this?”
    “I thought twittering was something you did in the bathroom and was your own personal business.”
    “You girls are so embarrassing.  All this twittering talk.”
    “Show me your twitter.”

    It is Easter, for heaven’s sake.  He is risen, he is risen indeed. 

    This is what I get for twittering church.  But after my twitter explanation, we were on Godaddy buying a URL for the once professional surfer Pop Pop.  It’s not up yet, but I think we may have him blogging (and selling t-shirts) in no time.  Apparently Pop Pop was pretty dreamy back in the day.  At least that’s Bebe’s story. 

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