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    Everything was OK until the 2nd Yahootini

    March 24, 2007

    Shameless.  That’s my son.  Here he is–making friends with Karen at Blogher Business ’07.  Not to be confused with when he was making friends with Chris or Liz or Kristin.  Or Mir.

    Or any other of the 180 people who at some point held my baby.  I would just like to say carrying a newborn is like having a black lab puppy.  Not one person can walk past me without talking to the baby. 

    I left my brain at home and that is clear.  I had a discussion with my table about Twitter and I said that even John Roberts, Presidential hopeful, Twitters.  Liz kept saying, “who, who?”  It only took me 7 hours and relaying the story to Jen that she brought to my attention that John Edwards Twitters, not Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.  

    K:  I said John Edwards.
    Jen:  You said John ROBERTS.

    I then had to go BACK to Liz to say that I wasn’t really a moron and I was talking about John Edwards.  Nothing like screwing with a pregnant woman’s brain.  She was very gracious.

    And to think this was BEFORE Yahoo’s cocktail party. 

    With Yahootinis!  Yummy, yummy Yahootinis.  Which explains why all my pictures were really crappy.

    This does, however, also explain why I lent Marc, a stranger, my lens and flash to try out on his new Canon XTi.  If it makes you feel any better, this was AFTER my sister formally introduced us and told me that it was Marc’s party.  Right after I had my hand and shoulder massage.  I mean, Marc gave a party that had martinis a hot bartender made by running alcohol through the “Y” of Yahoo and a group of masseurs were giving hand and shoulder massages.  Have you ever heard of a better party?  I think not.  The least I could do is encourage the further purchase of Canon equipment.  It was my duty. 

    I was on my way to dinner with James, Stephanie, Jenn, Laurie, Laura, and of course the great Jen Lemen when I relayed this little tidbit of giving away most of my camera equipment to a veritable stranger to my husband.

    D:  You gave him the short lens, right?
    K:  Yeah….no. 
    D:  Babe, you might want to skip the wine with dinner tonight.

    I saw Emily again and convinced her that she loves me more than she loves Jen
    Emily was so kind to me at Blogher 2006 when I had a toddler running
    around acting like a lunatic.  She confessed to us that she doesn’t
    have a sister and so we made her an honorary one.  I’m not sure whether she’ll think that is a good thing when it is all said and done.  WE LOVE YOU, EMILY!!!

    Day 2 was just as great as Day 1 and I got an opportunity to talk to Jean of PBS Parents about the concept of blogs on their website.  We are huge fans of PBSKids over here at Chateau Cookie so it was great to have a conversation about something that relates so much to the small world we live in over here. 

    I also had a great time competing with Jen about who could plug our ever favorite Minti more and I’ll have to say she may have had me beat.  I know.  This is not shocking to anyone who knows Jen Lemen

    I heart Blogher Business.  Even WITH a newborn.  I met so many fantastic people and had a fantastic time. 

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    Identity Crisis, circa Blogher Business ’07

    March 23, 2007

    The new Jen Lemen.

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