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    Oh, do I have a topper story for you.

    April 22, 2006

    So we went to the bank to set up the account for Baby Brewing.  Because I am unable to offload this child whenever I actually need to, there was the Boo right there with me as we talked to the Vice President of Financial Services. 

    As a side note, there were a LOT of people with big titles in the bank.  Too many queens and not enough worker bees, if you ask me.

    A very lovely girl, she ran off to make the deposit and left me and the Boo in her office.  It took him a half of a millisecond to go around the back of her desk.

    K:  Ethan!
    E:  THIS!
    K:  Bug, I’m serious.  Get out from behind her desk.  That is her privacy.

    OK, so equating the back of a desk with, say, going to the bathroom alone was probably a stretch but I had already spent the last 10 minutes trying to get the blinds in the windows back to their normal selves.  I wasn’t on my game.

    E:  THIS!

    With that he walked back around her desk with a huge bag of Easter M&M’s.  Nice.  Theft from the VP of the bank.

    K:  Put that back!  No, who am I kidding, give that to me.

    I walked back around the side of her desk and tucked the bag on a ledge under desk.  In the middle of the floor was a garage door opener.  I just left it there.

    When the VP came back, I confessed about the M&M’s.  She was very gracious and told me not to worry about it.  Until she got behind her desk and noticed the garage door opener on the floor.

    VP:  Did he push this button?

    First thought–that is not a garage door opener.
    Second thought–Did he push the button?  Is the pope catholic?
    Third thought–what do you think the response time is for the police descending upon us?

    K:  I’m sure he didn’t.  Thanks for your time.  We really need to go.

    Before the cops show up.

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