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    Who the heck does Mommy think she is?

    A blogger since the birth of her son in February 2005 (first at and then at,  Kristen woke up one day and realized that she was never going to keep a baby book and what better way to chronicle the life of her child than to share it with a random person with Internet access in Pakistan.  Her online journal coincidentally began roughly the same time she started her smart ass maternity t-shirt business, Baby Brewing.  Now expanded into her own “Mommy Needs a Cocktail” line after she heard the millionth person say “I want a Mommy Needs a Cocktail t-shirt,” Kristen does her own screenprinting in her basement.  Because the only thing keeping her alive these days is her ability to make a few dollars to send her lunatic toddler to preschool so she can gain just a few hours of sanity.  Assuming her baby will take a nap while big brother is at school.

    When she isn’t screenprinting in her basement or changing dirty diapers (or digging poop out of the sink where her toddler dumped it), Kristen works as a freelance writer.  Sometimes she does it for free (like her friend’s bio).   Sometimes she does it to get free stuff.  Sometimes she works on really important things like legal policy (so her mother doesn’t get too depressed about her wasted law degree).  But mostly she just writes whatever comes to mind.  

    Don’t feel pressure to buy a shirt.  Really.