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    Sometimes I forget he is 4

    December 29, 2009


    So we put the baby in his own room and for 5 glorious nights, he slept through the night. If, by sleeping through the night, you mean waking up at 5:17 every morning. Trouble is, his brothers then got up in his stead. I slept Christmas night for 8 1/2 glorious hours but the last two nights? Not so much. I’m not as behind the “Cry It Out” torture method as a common side effect is “Waking Another More Annoying Child Up.” Thus, I find myself jumping up to stop the crying. Last night there was no solution. I didn’t get much sleep.

    E: Mom. Mom. MOM!!!
    K: (grrrr)
    E: Mom. Mase woke up.
    K: I heard him.
    E: Mom, he was crying so I got him out of bed.
    K: Where is he?
    E: Mom, he was hungry so I took him downstairs and gave him some animal crackers.
    K: Huh?
    E: (sigh) Don’t worry, Mom. I took care of it. Are you getting up soon?
    K: Mason got up at 3:23 and wouldn’t go back to sleep. I finally fell asleep when Dad left.
    E: He didn’t wake me, Mom. I slept PERFECTLY!
    K: Glad to hear it. Does Nate have milk?
    E: MOM. I took CARE OF IT.
    K: Where the baby?
    E: HERE (picking him up from the floor by my bed)
    K: What are you doing?
    E: I’m carrying the baby.
    K: But you are carrying him upside down.
    Mason: EEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    E: He likes it, Mom.
    K: I know he does, but it’s not right.
    E: Momomomom. I’m taking care of it!

    Yes, you are.

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