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    If he wasn’t so hot, I’d kick his ass

    July 19, 2009

    If he wasn't so hot, I'd kick his ass
    K: Hey.
    D: (ignoring me as he pours the beer into the glass)
    K: Hey, hey, HEY!!!
    D: (with three-quarters of the beer poured in the glass and finally tilting the bottle back) What?
    K: Don’t WHAAAT me.
    D: (attempting his most innocent face) Did you want some of this? (pointing to his beer bottle)
    K: Yes. As a matter of fact, I DID want some of the last beer.
    D: Oh, I’m sorry. Here (handing me the bottle).
    K: No, THANK YOU (opening up the fridge). Oh, look. There’s one more beer hidden in here. I’ll just have this last EYE PEE A instead.
    D: WHOA!!! Don’t be drinking the IPA. You know that’s my favorite. You drink this (motioning to his Pale Ale).
    K: Screw you, Mr. Selfish. That’s what happens when you are SELLL-FISH!!!
    D: I’m sorry?
    K: You are only sorry because I’m drinking a better beer than the one you opened.

    I drank the whole thing. And some of his when he wasn’t looking.

    Come back tomorrow to find out what I’m giving away. I know, tomorrow? Seriously. I’m back on my best behavior. There will be posts. All week. I’m giving stuff away. I have motivation.

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