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    You are SO being pimped. Do you feel it?

    December 3, 2007

    Exhausting, isn’t it? You kinda like it. Try printing up all these brilliant ideas you guys have? THAT is exhausting. And giving away all these prizes because everyone turned out to be more brilliant than I could have ever imagined? Exhausting. Finding a pregnant woman to model all the new shirts? Exhausting. As soon as I find that pregnant woman, you will be the first to see the new shirts. They are friggin’ hilarious.

    But the party has just begun. NOW that we have all these clever maternity tees, I need your clever ideas for babies or kids. I cannot even imagine how exhausted I would be if I had to think up this crap myself. Isn’t it just easier to have a Virtual Brainstorming Party on the net so everyone can just sit around in front of his or her respective computer with his or her favorite beverage in hand, wearing his or her favorite slippers? Who are we kidding? Most of you are sitting at work, not working. You are only here because Fantasy Football sites have been blocked from your work computer. Seriously.

    So you know the rules. There will be “up to three winners.” HA!!! We know how that goes. Picking out a husband was easier that picking three winners in that last contest. I’m guessing that will probably happen again this time but you never know. The top three winners get a $25 gift certificate and a little somethin’ somethin’ from Baby Brewing. Honorable mentions get a $25 gift certificate from Baby Brewing. At this rate, we may just have something you’ll like. As always, some random person will get the $25 gift certificate and a little somethin, somethin’ from Baby Brewing. Every idea equals a random drawing entry. OMG, can I link to Baby Brewing one more time?

    But there is something new for this contest. If you write a post about this and link to this post (which sends all your clever friends over here) you can win a $25 gift certificate and something from Baby Brewing. It’s a totally separate random drawing. So if only one of you writes about it, you win instantly.

    So how do you play? Go on over here (gotta drive traffic over here somehow) and leave a comment with your clever ideas. Be sure let me know in the comments over there if you wrote a post about the contest so you can be entered for the separate prize too.

    You have until Monday, December 10. Noon. ‘Cause if I actually want to burn any of the screens on Monday, I’m gonna need that early afternoon sun.

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