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    Marelle is lookin’ out for all y’all

    December 12, 2007

    I looked down at the caller i.d. today as I pulled the heater over to cure a shirt.

    Damn her. Doesn’t she have a real job that she should be doing?

    Marelle: Are you okay?
    K: What the hell does that mean?
    M: I mean, you haven’t posted the winners of the contest yet so I thought that maybe you were sick or injured or something was wrong with you.
    K: Um, I go TWENTY HOURS A DAY. I’m making a shirt right now for Alison. Alison who has had to wait two weeks because God forbid American Apparel send me those damn navy blue long sleeve tees.
    M: Oh, well I just was SURE that something had happened to you to explain why you are so late posting the results to the contest. I’m not saying that I’m gonna win or anything but I’m just saying…. I felt like it was my duty to call you. I mean, for the internet’s sake.
    K: You are calling me for the internet’s sake?
    M: Well, who else has your phone number?
    K: So you are calling for all of the internet to see if I am okay since I failed to post the results to the contest yet? You are doing the internet a favor? Because you have my phone number?
    M: Exactly. Call it my contribution. I mean, I’m sure everyone else is worried about you too.
    K: Because all of my references to never getting sleep would suggest that I am slacking?
    M: Well?
    K: I’m hanging up now before I climb through the phone and kill you.
    M: So you are gonna post those results now?

    Yes. Yes, I am.

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    1. Marel says:

      Uh. So, I guess I shouldn’t mention that I’ve missed seeing updates pics of the kids too?


      December 13th, 2007 at 10:44 am

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