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    The dog just looked slightly too guilty to be innocent

    July 16, 2007

    K:  How many steaks did you cook?

    D:  I cooked whatever was in the packet.  So what was that?

    K:  Four.  But you ate one and The Boy and I split the other one.

    D:  So what’s the problem?

    K:  There’s only one left.  You don’t think… I mean, the plate is still on the counter.  It looks untouched.

    D:  He’s good.  He’s very, very good.  Slowly, slowly over the edge of the counter.

    K:  But there wasn’t even juice on the counter.  Damn.  No wonder he wasn’t hungry the next morning.  Nothing like a 16 oz. ribeye to fill you up to the gills.  Especially when you probably swallowed it whole. 

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