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    Once again, I am overwhelmed that the average people could have such beautiful babies

    July 31, 2007


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    Blogher recap

    We arrived at the hotel. The hotel that Paul and his fabulous artist better half Rachelle had booked for us because they knew we would wait until the last minute and then be sleeping in the hostel accomodations. Thank you Paul and Rachelle. Rachelle was handing out the really cool tattoes (or tattoos, if we are going to be all hung up on spelling) that we put on The Baby. And ourselves. But mostly The Baby.

    My sister sent me a text.

    “Come crash the party. No one will ever know.”

    And that’s how I started at Blogher on Thursday night. I could regale with stories about delays and sitting on the tarmac for hours with Jen Lemen and having my husband telling me on the phone to “STOP EATING YOUR FOOD IN CASE YOU ARE THERE FOR 6 MORE HOURS,” but really, who needs to be bored with all that?

    I walked into the party and directly into the arms of Heather of Oh My Stinkin’ Heck and Jessica of Kerflop. Ne’er were two nicer girls in the world. If you have ever been hugged by Heather, you know the peace of which I speak. And then I had a Little-House-on-the-Prairie-running-through-the-wheat-fields-towards-each-other reunion with Emily. Emily and her best friend Cooper are spearheading the Bloggers Act Global Health initiative. They were also giving out the best shwag. A handmade coin purse from Sewnsational. Emily and Cooper are two of the most amazing women you will ever meet. Head on over to The Motherhood to see how you can be involved.

    I was only there a few seconds more before Chris saw me and came running over to see how much The Baby has grown since Blogher Business. She approved of my care of The Baby and declared him fit and beautiful. She is so kind. And then I went across the room to sit with Rachelle and a group of women I hadn’t met. I found out that these great women were representing (oops) wine. If you think this is going to sound like a commercial for (oops) wine, it is. Had YOU talked to Sheila, you too would be saying how great (oops) wine is. She was so convincing and I hadn’t even tried the wine yet. And then I did. Who can argue with affordable wine that tastes great? And I’m not just saying that because I am a wino.

    Someone at the conference taught The Baby how to crawl. Whoever you are, thank you. Just some added notes. Tracey can party in 7 Eleven like nothing else, Beth is always going to make me laugh, Stephanie is ageless and Laurie is determined. I will love Lindsay forever for saying nice things about my sister. Jeannine is as much fun as Jean. Sage is beautiful, as is her mother and grandmother. The women at Five Moms are spreading the word. Not only is Kyran from Notes to Self an amazing writer, she also wears beautiful pj’s. Probably information a roommate isn’t supposed to tell, huh? Because I gave out shot glasses, I got to talk to lots of people and got tons of business cards. I intend to visit every blog. If you didn’t give me a card but met me, drop me an email with your blog address. If I talked to you and forgot you here, please forgive me.

    When I got home, I sorted through the pile and saw that I had business cards from rockstars Kris and Stacy. Before I left, I had fantasies of meeting Kris, as reading her blog for the past few years makes me think that perhaps we dated the same men? Really? I went to her panel to hear her speak, apparently got her business card at some point, and didn’t ACTUALLY meet her. So Kris, if you are out there somewhere, I would really like to meet you sometime. Really. You are hysterical.

    Here it comes. My most favorite-est person I met at Blogher. Krystyn Heide. You heard it right. And I’m not just saying that because of the pose she made in the limo. I’m saying that because she is an amazing, amazing person. And her name is spelled with two “y’s.” That is so cool.

    To the girls who graciously accepted my shot glasses without ever intending to use them, you were too kind. And hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh.

    To my mother, who came to watch The Baby, you are the best. I had to laugh because I kept meeting people who, when I offered them a Minti coaster, said, “Your mom gave me one.” She is just that good.

    I had conversations about friendships, family, faith and life. It was amazing. ‘nough said.

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    Mommy Needs A Cocktail T-shirt IS HERE!! Get it while it’s hot

    July 30, 2007


    It only took 15 of you asking for it, and now these babies are up at  You should get one.  They are really cute.

    I won a “Major Award” from sk*rt.   It was even presented to me by my very, very favorite sk*rt-er, Laura.  We had our own personal award ceremony.  I was touched.  I love sk*rt.

    Tomorrow is Blogher 07 link-love day.  I just couldn’t get it done today.  Maybe if I had slept for the past 4 days I would have had enough energy to get something done.  I know.  Who am I kidding?  did anyone go home and make a Key Lime Pie Martini yet????

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    Just moments before we all sang Open Arms in 7Eleven

    July 27, 2007

    Tracey is hot.


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    To the amazing and anonymous person who sent the bottle of wine, the fruit and cheese basket to my Blogher hotel room

    I HEART YOU!!!!!!!!

    I would attach a picture showing how beautiful it was, but I was so starved after my 4 hour plane ride that was supposed to be 1 1/2 hours that I inhaled the entire thing.  OK, not the entire bottle of wine because I never would have made it to the Whiskey Bar last night.  And that is another post….

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    But how will you know me?

    July 25, 2007


    I may be wearing this…or maybe this…


    I may be carrying this to cart around the swag..


    This will be filled with my surprises for everyone…


    And stay tuned to find out how you can win this one…


    Or you can just head on over to and shop for most of these!

    Special thanks to The Babysitter for modeling! 

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