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    May 6, 2007


    I looked over to see The Boy trying to pry open the doors to a little silver car.

    K:  Ethan, nothing opens up on that car.  It’s a Matchbox.  The doors don’t open, the hood doesn’t come up.  Nothing.
    E:  I just need the keys, Mama.

    And I venture he would add “a keyless remote” if given enough time…

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    1. Martin says:

      I don’t doubt this for a moment! Don’t get much chance to catch up with your blog these days, but glad to see some things are consistent…

      I am in America next month, would be good to see you. I will try to remember to e-mail you, but feel free to get there first!

      May 15th, 2007 at 7:33 pm

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