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    Is it wrong to think that the buyer should beware of himself first????

    September 26, 2006

    A new twist on caveat emptor

    Today I got a phone call from my real estate agent.  She called to tell me that the buyers were doing their walk through and that she had just gotten a call from their real estate agent.  He was complaining that he couldn’t flush the toilet.

    The toilet that The Boy has flushed, oh, 900 times this past week.  I started to wonder if maybe the buyers thought they were getting another condo and maybe we should ask which unit they were, I don’t know, actually in. 

    But it was what came out of her mouth next that just brought a smile to my face.  She asked if we had a receipt for the work done on the thermostat.  The problem with the thermostat is that Cath and I got the brilliant idea years ago to get our neighbor Arthur to change it for us.  Arthur used to be in the heating and cooling business.  Arthur is also about 100 years old.  He put the new thermostat on and things went haywire.  We got him to take it back off and put the old one back on.  Afterwords, the thing never really worked right again.  The AC would kick on if you moved the temp higher rather than a lower temp.  It was Cath’s room and somehow she figured out how to make it work.  But it’s an electrical issue and very fair that the buyer’s would want to have it fixed. 

    When I suggested that we pay someone to fix it, Mr. FixIt/CheapAss said, “it’s only 3 wires, how hard can it be?”  There was some discussion about sparks and fire, but he managed to fix it.  That’s why I love him.  So we had no receipt because we did the work ourselves.

    Real Estate Agent:  Well, the real estate agent and the buyers are concerned because there is no way to verify the work was done.

    I paused. 

    It was a long pause.

    I let the sound of a forest full of crickets envelope me/warm me….

    And then, in a very pleasant voice, I suggested that she call the real estate agent back and tell him to, (and this is gonna blow your mind because it is so novel), turn the A/C on. 

    Apparently the opposing parties were very pleased with this suggestion.  No one had thought of this.  Except me.  I’m very frightened.  I am slightly concerned that we will get to closing and they will say something like, “we’re supposed to pay today?  I didn’t know we were supposed to pay.  Really?” 

    I really am going to have to thank them for that laugh today.  You can’t make this s#$% up.

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    1. InterstellarLass says:

      Are you sure they remembered HOW to flush the toilet? Maybe you should leave instructions.

      September 26th, 2006 at 3:16 pm

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