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    New developments at Chateau Cookie

    June 30, 2005

    My husband told me that he felt like I wasn’t respecting his “babies” because I was not photographing their growth. That would be the hops growing up the side of the house. His babies. For the love of God and country, what the hell is he talking about and how does he expect me to get anything done if he sits in front of that damn XBox playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas from the second he gets home until he goes to bed?

    Moving on…E has discovered that he cannot put EVERY part of his body into his mouth (so many things to say, but I’m just going to let it lie) and he also discovered the inside of Zinni’s mouth. This went remarkably better than expected. As a new mother you have all manner of visions of your dog (who couldn’t harm anything on his best day) suddenly go rabid and biting your child’s arm off. Actually, Zinni foolishly yawned within E’s reach and E caught sight of those pearly canines and the big red tongue with the black spot on it. In went his hand. I figured that I would just ride it out and sure enough, Zin just kept his mouth patiently open while E checked it all out with his entire hand and forearm in Zinni’s mouth.

    Zin had THE MOST BORED LOOK on his face and I could hear his pea-brain saying, “Could you just get his arm out of my mouth?” Oops.

    “That’s enough, E. Let Zinni close his mouth.”

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    Thanks to Marelle for outing me….payback is a bitch

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    The Blog Chicken

    June 28, 2005

    I just drafted a whole post on the Supreme Court’s decision regarding property rights, due process and the enforcement of restraining orders.

    I just can’t push the Publish Post button because my theory is unpopular and I seek love and acceptance.

    I wonder if is available…

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    Useless things men do

    June 27, 2005

    Why is it that when the house is T-R-A-S-H-E-D, the man of the house always wants to do something productive such as clean the basement (insert shed or garage, if appropriate).

    D: I think I’ll go down and clean the basement.

    Perhaps it would be a little more helpful to carry the 37 tons of clean laundry upstair or to hold He-Who-Cries-Incessantly-If-He-Is-Not-Held-When-He-Wants-To-Be-Held so that I can get one thing, just ONE thing done.

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    The newest (and my favorite) blogger

    Now he’ll have another avenue to vent about the bastardization of the political parties in America.

    He said the political post was for you, Marelle.

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    For those who missed the slide presentation of the creme brulee (MARELLE!!), here it the link again.

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