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    Giddy from the silence

    April 28, 2005

    Everyone is in bed. Even the damn dog. Everyone except me.

    was one of those days that Ethan kept “eh, eh, eh”-ing and I couldn’t
    get anything done. A little research on the computer and a trip to the
    post office to get a box application for the new business and two
    passport apps–a new passport for Ethan and a renewal for me. That’s it.

    too efficient a day since I then had to turn 8 lbs. of tomatoes into
    “gravy” and I was still at it at 9:45 pm. Not to mention the two loads
    of laundry. I think I would have an easier time explaining to Derek how
    I can’t get anything done with this monster around that we have
    recently acquired if I didn’t have this little sunburn that I got from
    being outside for two hours. Ooops.

    Did I mention that I have
    the cutest baby in the world? And not even in that “mom” kind of way
    that every baby is so beautiful. Sure he crapped on me. Twice. And did
    I mention that he saturated me with urine as well? It’s OK, because I
    have tons of clothes that fit my fat ass these days. About that

    But now he looks like a cherub and I take back all the evil things I said (during the first and second crapping incidents).

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